Online Casinos that Take American Express

Online Casinos that Take American Express

Online gambling has become a popular pastime for thousands, even millions of people from locations all over the world. With a stunning selection of casino sites operating legally, it is possible for players to enjoy realistic casino games right from home while still having the chance to win real money payouts. This is all made possible by great casino software and supported banking methods at each casino site. Players often want the easiest and safest way to conduct transactions online, which is why many players will opt to use a credit card to make a casino deposit. The top notch casinos in the industry will support a nice selection of credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard and many will also allow players to use American Express.

American Express is one of the largest card issuers and the company processes millions of transactions daily. It is one of the top methods used by online gamblers, especially for those that are from the US. Most of the online casinos that cater to US players and others from North America will accept Amex as a payment method. However, there are some issues that can arise due to gambling laws. This primarily pertains to US players, who have restrictions on the options that can be used. Based on current gambling laws, US banks are not allowed to process any online casino transaction, so it may not be possible for these players to use American Express to fund an account at every online casino.

Using Amex in Online Casinos

When players decide to make their casino deposits using an American Express card, it is done just like when using any other credit card. Players will first have to ensure the casino currently supports this payment option. Amex is not as widely accepted as some of the other credit cards online, but there are still a number of sites that will gladly accept this card and process casino deposits for players. To begin, players will first have to register at the online casino and download any required software. This is a fast and safe process. They will then head over to the cashier at the site. This is where the exact method of payment will be selected. Start by choosing credit cards as an option then select Amex as the card to use. The casino will then ask for important details regarding the card and the cardholder. Players can be assured that this is an entirely safe process. The best casinos in the industry will always use encryption software when processing any payment, so the information that is provided will be confidential and will be securely stored.

After all required information is provided, it will take a few minutes to verify the card and the information. Once this is done, players can start to make casino deposits with ease. They will just have to select the amount to deposit and the funds will be instantly available. For every visit thereafter, one will just follow the same method, less having to verify the card and the information.

After funds have been added to the casino account, it is the responsibility of the player to pay the balance of the credit card. Some players may wish to pay it as they make deposits so they are always aware of what they are spending. Others will wait for Amex to send the month statement, where all purchases are covered and can be paid.

Benefits and Drawbacks of American Express

Like most of the other banking methods that are used by those that gamble online, there are pros and cons to using American Express. Players planning on using this method should be sure they are aware of the benefits as well as the drawbacks to this option and they should also check into any fees that may be incurred.

The benefits of using Amex online are vast. The funds will be available instantly, which is what most online gamblers want when they select a banking method. Deposits that are made using an American Express card will be available within just minutes of completing the transaction.

Another great thing is that many US players can use this method. These players are restricted in regards to how they can fund casino accounts online. For example, they cannot use Neteller or Skrill, so with this credit card, it is possible for most US players to fund their casino accounts with ease.

Since the company has been around for more than 100 years, it is safe and secure. This is one of the most trusted and reputable credit card companies in the world, so player will enjoy the best levels of protection. In addition, there are low fees or free transactions. Some larger online casinos will cover the credit card fees to attract more players and keep them coming back for their gambling needs. Others may charge a small fee that can range from 1% to 3% of the deposit amount. This is very low compared to the fees that are incurred when using other methods such as some ewallets or Western Union.

Despite these many advantages, there are also major disadvantages to selecting American Express as an online casino banking option. One is that it is not readily available. There are fewer and fewer online casinos that are accepting Amex compared to other cards like MasterCard and Visa.

American Express also relies on the credit scores of the cardholder. This means that not every player will even be able to be approved for a card. However, there is good news in this area. If players cannot get an American Express credit card, there are Amex prepaid cards that can be purchased. Like the credit card, these can be used at any online casino that supports American Express, so this is a great option for some who do not currently hold a card or do not wish to offer their personal information to the online casino.

Overall, American Express is an option, though it may be difficult to find an accepting online casino. Even though this is one of the more widely used credit cards, a number of online casinos do not accept it and will force players to use a different card or a compete different method of deposit.