Live Dealer Casinos

Live Dealer Casinos

With the increasing number of players who are accessing online casinos, software providers are always hard at work trying to create new and innovative games that will please and reward players. Over the years, online casino games have been much improved, offering better graphics, game animations and even title choices. There have been many improvements to games and now, players can enjoy games that are very realistic. To enhance the experience of gambling online even more, top software companies are now offering live dealer games. These games take online gambling to a whole new level and offer outstanding ways to enjoy a casino classic game from home.

The great thing about live dealer casinos is the realism that is offered. Instead of playing a computerised game, live dealer casinos offer table and card games that feature a live dealer. This allows players to watch every aspect of the game and even have the ability to socially interact with players and dealers, something that is lacking with standard online casino games. Live dealer casinos have become the top choice for players who enjoy great games like live dealer blackjack, baccarat and roulette. The only downfall is that the game selections are rather limited, but as more and more players access these types of online casinos, software providers are working to create new games that will be available for live play.

How Live Dealer Casinos Work

Live dealer casinos are a bit different from a standard online casino. The games are all offered for real money play and the level of excitement is greatly increased. With live dealer casinos, the live dealers present the game. These games are recorded in a studio or at a land based casino and the game is then simulcast to the online player through the use of a web cam.

Since the games are streamed live, players will see every action that is performed. They will watch players place bets, watch cards be dealt or roulette wheels spun and see the payouts that are being offered for winning hands and games. Most of the live dealer casinos that are online use a studio to offer the game. With this, there is an excellent view of the cards and real players in land casinos are not being interrupted by the presence of cameras.

No matter how a live casino brings the games to players, they offer an experience like never before. Aside from visiting a local land casino, there is no other way to play a casino game with this level of realism and excitement. Since dealers are live, players can chat, interact and even tip the dealer, just like they would with a real live game.

Live Dealer Games Offered

As mentioned, the game selections when in a live dealer casino will be very limited. Players will not find all of the card and table games as they would in an online casino. In fact, there are seldom game variations offered at all. Most of the live dealer casinos tat are operating will have about five different games that can be played for real money. These often include blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker and Sic Bo. Since live dealer casinos are pretty new to the gambling industry, there has not been much time to develop more game titles. However, rest assured that the top providers like Playtech and Microgaming always have their wheels spinning and are developing new games at this very moment.

Benefits of Live Dealer Casinos

There are many great advantages to choosing a live dealer casino to play card and table games. The games are all played in real time and use real dealers, so the level of realism is drastically increased over the standard online casino games. There is also the ability to chat with the dealer and they can talk back, so the social aspect of online gambling has definitely changed with these casinos.

Live dealer casinos offer all real money games, and the table limits will vary. Players will find games geared towards low and mid rollers and games that cater to the needs of high rollers, so all betting options will be covered when playing these games. Even though there are just a few game titles, there are multiple tables offered in live casinos, so there is usually an open sat available to get in on the action.

Drawbacks of Live Dealer Games

While there are some great benefits to playing in a live dealer casino, players also have to consider the possible drawbacks. These games will play slower than the games in an online casino. Since real dealers and real players are involved, it will take longer for bets to be placed and decisions to be made. Players should prepare for a slower game if they are interested in any live dealer casino game.

Another possible drawback is a full table. Since live dealer games have become so popular, they attract a large number of players. This can result in game tables being full. Live dealer games will only have a limited number of seats and once they are taken, other players will have to wait for an opening or choose a different table. This only applies to the card games that are offered in the live casino as live roulette tables will provide space for an unlimited number of players.

Playing with Real Money

All of the live dealer casinos that are operating offer real money games. With these, players can choose a table that will meet their betting needs. Just as in a land based casino, the table minimum and maximum bets will be clearly displayed. This allows players to select a table that will fit into their budget and allow for amazing real money gambling action. These real money games offer standard payouts based on the pay table of the game, though there are some live dealer casinos that offer special bonuses for players which can provide free money that can be used to play more games and have more chances at collecting payouts.