Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is one of the most exciting games that can be played and with the enhanced graphics, animations and true realism of the game, thousands of blackjack fans are seeking online casinos that feature this live dealer game. When playing live dealer blackjack, only real money bets can be placed and there are great chances at winning. There are a number of amazing benefits to playing this type of blackjack game. Instead of watching a computerised game play out, players will have the exciting opportunity to play with a live dealer. This means that all aspects of the game will unfold at the table and players can see everything that is going on. Another great thing about playing live dealer blackjack is that different game strategies can be put into play, ones that cannot be used optimally when playing a standard game of online blackjack.

Live dealer games have become the top choice for players and they provide an experience that is very similar to playing in a land based casino. Not only can players watch a live deal and the live game, but they can also interact with dealers and even offer tips when great hands are dealt. This form of the game is definitely one of the top choices for any player that loves blackjack and wants the most realistic experience from home.

Live Dealer Blackjack Games

The only downfall to playing a live dealer version of blackjack is the fewer variations. In online casinos, it is not uncommon form players to find as many as 10 game variations at a single online casino. With live dealer blackjack, most casinos will only have a single standard version of the game. However, this will depend on the software that is being used. In casinos that are powered by Evolution, there is a Pairs Plus blackjack game and this software also offers a unique form of betting. Evolution blackjack games support Bet Behind options. This means that players can bet on other players at the table if they are on a winning streak. It also allows players who are watching the game to bet as well, even if they do not have a seat at the table.

Most of the games of live dealer blackjack will be basic games, though it is possible to find some other variations. Unfortunately, players who like the large selection of variations that are found in online casinos will be out of luck when playing live dealer games as the game titles are rather limited. Most online casinos that feature a live dealer casino will always have a blackjack game available.

Table Limits with Live Blackjack

Live blackjack games may only come in a few variations, but there will be multiple tables that are offered with the game. These tables are divided by betting limits, offering low, mid and high roller tables. Each table will clearly display the minimum and maximum bet that is supported, allowing players to select a game that will fit right into their casino budget. Each game is played the same, with the only difference being the amount that can be bet per hand. It is important o pay attention to these limits when selecting a table. Players can easily make a mistake of sitting at a high roller table and only having a small bankroll.

Edge Changing Games

When playing a regular game of blackjack in an online casino, the edge always remains the same. This is quite different with live dealer blackjack, where the edge can change from one hand to another. The reason for this is due to the fact that the remaining cards that will be dealt are always changing as cards are taken out of play. This creates a unique situation where the deck is rich in cards with a new shoe, which will be advantageous to the player, and times when the cards are depleted, benefitting the house. For players who have experience, they will know that it is better to wager more on the game when the deck is favourable.

Blackjack Strategies for Live Games

One of the great advantages of playing a live dealer version of blackjack is the ability to employ game strategies. One strategy that is not useful with online blackjack is card counting. However, with a live dealer game, this strategy can be used and will greatly benefit players. Since the games are live and are being played with real cards, players will have the ability to track which cards have already been played. With online blackjack games, the deal is computerised and controlled by a random number generator. With the live version of the game, cards are actually dealt from the shoe, allowing card counting to be used at any time. This is a great strategy that can be employed, but it will take some time to master.

Live Blackjack from Leading Providers

Most players who enjoy live dealer blackjack will play at casinos that are powered by Playtech or Microgaming, two of the most respected names in the industry. The main live dealer blackjack game from Playtech is a standard multiplayer game that uses 8 decks. When there are about four decks left, a shuffle will be preformed. The Playtech games require dealers to stand on all 17s and doubling is allowed after any split, however, players will not be allowed to split Aces. There are no re-splits and the table minimums are usually $5 with a maximum of $500. One of the great things about the live dealer blackjack game from Playtech is that the 10 card Charlie will apply.

The Microgaming version of live dealer blackjack is also an 8 deck game following standard rules. In a Microgaming live dealer casino, there is also a Playboy version of the game where the dealers are dressed as Playboy bunnies. The table minimums for Microgaming live blackjack games are as low as $10 and the maximum is $500 per hand. With these games, the dealer will stand on all soft 17s and Aces can be split.

Players who are looking for huge maximum bets should play at Evolution casinos, where the live blackjack game can support a bet of $5000 per hand. Evolution offers three table types, regular, VIP and private. The game is played with 8 decks and dealers stand on all 17s. Any two cards can be doubled but no Aces can be split.