Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette

Any player that has ever stepped foot into a land based casino will be aware of the action at the roulette table. This game draws much attention and can be very rewarding when played correctly. Roulette is a popular choice in online casinos as well as to enhance the gambling experience for players gambling from home, there is also a live dealer version of the game that is available. Live dealer roulette takes the online version to a new level and offers one of the most realistic ways to enjoy the game. Aside from visiting a land based casino, live roulette is the next best thing, offering social interactions, real time play, great bets and odds and an overall enjoyable experience, even for new players.

Playing live dealer roulette is simple and the game will follow the same rules as the versions in online casinos. However, players may find that live roulette is only available as a single game. In online casinos, players of the have the choice between American, European and French roulette, but when playing in a live dealer casino, the game offered is usually the European version. Live roulette lets a player enjoy the realism of the game and provides the ability to watch a live croupier spin the wheel and payout all rewards.

How Live Roulette Works

With a standard online roulette game, players will see an automated wheel that is spun with computerised software. The game makes use of a random number generator to produce the results, which offers fairplay. Online roulette games are presented in 2D and after playing for a while, the game can become mundane for some. With live dealer roulette games, the game is presented in 3D because it is actually being recorded live and transmitted through the use of a web cam. Depending on the online casino that has been selected, the live game can be simulcast from a land casino location or a casino studio. No matter, the game will always present a live dealer and live spinning wheel.

The game is played in the same manner, with chips being placed on the table to represent the best that are placed. The betting limits will vary per table, so players need to make sure they have chosen a table that meets their particular betting needs. Since the game is live and is played in real time, there is a limit on how long players will have to place their bets. There is timer located on their screen that will state how long players have remaining until their game begins. The dealer will take all bets and when their timer runs out, their wheel is spun. The game results will then be announced live and all payouts will be issued to their winner. With their live dealer version of the game, players will have the great ability to chat with the dealer and other players, which is a feature that sometimes lacks with standard online casino roulette.

Live Roulette Features

There are some great features that make live roulette a better choice than a standard online version of the game. One of the main reasons the game is so popular is due to the fact that one can interact with various players at the table. This is something that is usually missing with online roulette. Most of the online casinos that feature this live game will offer a chat function for great social interactions between all at the table.

A live roulette game has many advantages over a land based casino game. Many players in land casinos will find the roulette tables to be very crowded and they may not be able to find the position at the table they prefer to be in. For some reason, a number of players want to be near the wheel. With live roulette, there are various camera angles that can be selected so that all angles of the game can be viewed at any time.

Tips for Selecting Live Roulette Games

Whenever possible, play the European version of roulette. Unfortunately, not every live casino will have this version, so players may have to settle for American roulette or they will have to choose another casino site. When a casino is well known for their live games, it is a good indicator that the software is trusted and reliable and players will enjoy the best possible gambling experience. No matter what other players think, always review different software providers so that one is choosing the best roulette game for their needs.

Try to ensure the legality of the online casino and make sure it is licensed and regulated before signing up and playing with any real money. It will benefit players to seek out sites that have certifications, such as an online casino that offers the seal of approval from eCOGRA or a TST certification. This will help to ensure the protection of any player that is playing the real money live roulette game that is supported. There are also bonuses to watch for when signing up. The leading casino sites will offer a special bonus for those that will be playing live dealer games. These bonuses can add free money to the casino account, allowing players to enjoy more games. With casino bonuses, always be sure to review the terms and conditions before redeeming.

Prior to betting on live roulette, players need to make sure they have a full understanding of the game rules and are also aware of all of the betting options that are presented. With some time and practice with free games, any player can become comfortable enough to enjoy the action at a live roulette table and take part in one of the most exciting experiences offered online. Live roulette is a popular choice and it is a major improvement over the computerised roulette games that are often found in online casino sites, which is why most players will turn to a live dealer casino for their roulette needs.