NewsHow to play texas Hold´em

How to play texas Hold´em

December 3, 2018

No game is more exciting than Texas Hold’em. It combines skill, luck and strategy and although free games are available online, it is just so more exciting to play with real money. If you’ve never played the game before, you might find it difficult to know where to start, how it is played and where to find games where you can play with real money.

But, look no further. This guide will give you all the information required.

How to play Texas Hold´em with real money online

When you play poker at home around the kitchen table, you most probably play the versions whereby you are dealt cards and that hand is your hand exclusively. When playing Texas Hold’em, you are dealt with ‘hole’ cards as well as ‘community’ cards.

The hole card is the player’s card uniquely and the community cards are shared with other players at the table.

The game is played in four rounds. First, each player will be dealt two hole cards after which a round of betting takes place. Then, three community cards will be dealt in the middle of the table face-up. These cards are referred to as ‘the flop’. After this another round of betting takes place.

Then the fourth community card is dealt, known as ‘the turn’, and another betting round takes place. The last community card dealt is known as ‘the river’. Then, there is the final betting round. Players need to make their best 5-card hand with the the hole cards and the community cards.

When a betting round takes place, all players have the option of betting, checking, folding or raising. Should a player fold, the player will lose but will not need to contribute to the pot any longer.

The major difference between Texas Hold’em and other poker variations is the forced bet. A forced bet get’s the game going. If it wasn’t for this, players would just fold every time they had a ‘bad’ hand and there would be no game.

In Texas Hold’em, the forced bets are referred to as ‘the blinds’. Two players on the left of the dealer place bets. The first player places the ‘small bind’ and the next player places the ‘big blind’. The size of the ‘big blind’ is generally double that of ‘the small blind’.

The bets in the first two rounds are usually half of the bets in the last two rounds. So if people are talking about a €2 / €4 game of Texas Hold’em, they are referring to the first two rounds having €2 bets and the last two rounds having €4 bets.

Live dealer games

What makes the game even more exciting is that you can now play live casino. When playing online Texas Hold’em, instead of betting against other players, you bet on the odds of your own hand improving against the dealer’s hand.

But, live casinos give you the opportunity to play against real players with a real dealer shuffling and dealing real cards. It will gives you a authentic experience that will make you feel that you are playing in a land-based casino.

When you open the game, you will see a live video with the dealer standing in a casino-like environment. You will play against other players and will be able to communicate via a chat box. It is exactly like playing at a real casino, but it will be in the comfort of your own home.

Why play with real money

The answer is quite simple, because real money can be won. When you start playing online Texas Hold’em, yes sure, go ahead and play for free. It is a great way to practise but the game changes dramatically when you are playing for real money.

Poker becomes interesting when real money can be won or lost. If there is no money involved, no-one will lose and the game will be like a friendly sports match. No excitements, no thrills, no big wins.

And, the big wins is most probably the main reason you should play with real money because if you understand the game and use basic strategy, you can make yourself some decent amounts of money.

Where to find Texas Hold´em online

You will have a wide variety to choose from as almost all online casinos will offer you this benefit. It is one of the most popular games that is played on your desktop, mobile or tablet. You can choose the online version or the live version and the betting amounts cater for players with any budget, big or small.

Every operator will offer different odds and real money bets so it is advisable to do some research. There are many sites that will give you all the information required. These sites compare the different operators to ensure that you can get the best deal possible.