NewsAre you safe on online casinos?

Are you safe on online casinos?

July 19, 2018

When you play at online casinos it is very important to keep safety in mind. To lose some money with a bad bet on black jack or roulette is one thing but to have your account wiped by someone other than the online casino will surely be disappointing. The good news that if you choose a reputable online casino, the chances of this happening is close to zero because they need to comply with strict rules and regulations to keep their clients safe.


  • Licensed online casinos

If a online casinos wants to stay in operation they need to comply with a set of rules and standards. When you choose a online casino, you should make sure that they are licensed. Reputable online casinos will keep their players as protected as possible against hackers.

  • Encrypted logins

This might be obvious but the log-in systems of online casinos are extremely safe and secure. When you open your account and add a password, it get’s stored in a encrypted database to secure your safety. In the past some casinos had a poor system whereby the passwords were stored in raw form which led to details being exposed but the online casino industry has evolved tremendously since then and the safe encrypted database ensures that your details will never be leaked.

  • Increased security

Some online casinos offer a RSA token on top of the password. Every time you access your account, you will need to input a random code that you will get from a electronic device in conjunction with your password. Because it is a new and random code every time, the security of your account is safe and secure.

  • Your details are safe

Just like banks, online casinos need to keep your details private. They have a anti-fraud department that can access your details but this is to make sure that you are protected beyond measure. Your password and any other relevant details will never be freely available to any employee or to the public.