NetEnt Online Slots

NetEnt Online Slots

Slot games attract the most players in any online casino, which is why the leading software companies that power these online gambling sites place much focus on the development of these games. NetEnt, one of the top rated and most trusted providers, delivers constant action with their portfolio of slot games and with many new games always being created, there is never a shortage of slot action for players. The most attractive feature of real money slots from NetEnt is that all games are instant play. There is never any software download required in a NetEnt casino, allowing PC players as well as Mac users the same access to game titles right through the web browser.

With NetEnt slot games, players will enjoy an array of themes, including popular movie and television themed games. The company has partnered with various other companies to offer licensed slots to players online. These games are compete with verified payouts, exciting bonus features, multiple coin denominations and awesome graphics to provide a thrilling and captivating experience for all players. With slots from NetEnt, the visual appeal is always pleasing and the games are well designed and always operate smoothly when accessed through the browser. Many of the NetEnt titles are also available for free play, so players can simply play for entertainment without risking any real money online.

Common Features Found with NetEnt Slots

Each slot game that is created by NetEnt is completely unique and since they are all developed in house, there are no replica games online. With these great games, there are some features that can be enjoyed, many of which allow players o alter game settings to customise their slot experience.

At the bottom of the screen of each slot game, there are icons that can control various settings. The question mark will display a complete help table where common questions can be answered. The speaker icon will toggle the sounds on and off. The major settings of the games can be controlled with the wrench icon on the screen. Here, players can adjust graphic quality, turn animations on and off, control the intro screen, access game history when playing for real money and even choose keyboard shortcuts.

There is also an auto play feature offered on every NetEnt slot game available. With this, players can customise the options by selecting the bet amounts and how many spins should be spun with the feature. Should players wish to resume manual control over the game, the auto play feature can be disabled at any time.

Just like most slot games that are now offered in casino settings, those from NetEnt offer a skill stop button. Once Spin is clicked, the button will turn to read Stop. By selecting this, the reels will stop spinning and results will be instantly displayed. Since the random number generator controls all of the outcomes of the game, this feature will not change the chances of winning. It will just allow players to speed up the play of the game and enjoy more spins.

Progressive Slots From NetEnt

No online casino is complete without the offering of progressive jackpots and when it comes to titles from NetEnt, there are some awesome games that feature top paying jackpot rewards. There are local jackpot games, which means that bets placed in a particular casino will contribute to the jackpot amount. These games tend to have smaller jackpots. However, there are also network games, which means that jackpots can grow from bets being placed at numerous NetEnt casino sites. With these games, players will stand the chance to win some of the largest slot payouts in the industry.

One of the largest paying progressive slot games is Arabian Nights. This game offers over $1 million to be won and has been as high as $6 million in the past. Most of the progressive games from NetEnt will require special symbols top trigger a bonus round. This will take players to the Mega Fortune Bonus Wheel and this is how the jackpots can be won. To enhance the games and increase excitement, many NetEnt games have multiple jackpots, including a small Rapid Jackpot, Major Jackpots or Mega Jackpots.

NetEnt does not offer any random progressive games, so all of these will have to be played for real money and players will have to bet the maximum amount o be eligible for the jackpot payouts. Even with larger bets, one will find that NetEnt slots all have great base game payouts and the video slots feature exciting bonus rounds where maximum amounts can be win. Even without hitting a progressive jackpot, players will enjoy some stunning rewards with these slots.

Popular Themes and Stunning Graphics

While NetEnt slots are in a league of their own, players will immediately notice the difference between these games and others from various providers. NetEnt takes great care in the development of every game and most are created using state of the art 3D graphics. This allows for eye popping icons on the reels, cinematic scenes as introductions and animations that truly complete the games.

Each NetEnt slot game will be based on a particular theme and all of the symbols are used o depict this theme throughout the game. Many of the games are based on popular movies or television shows, so players can enjoy games like Frankenstein, South Park and South Park: Reel Chaos, Scarface and much more. With the themed games from NetEnt, one will always have great payouts available and the bonus rounds are always themed as well, many offering interactions that are not found with other video slots online.

NetEnt continues to amaze players from all over the world and with the large selection of games in instant play, anyone can access a superb title and begin a realistic and rewarding experience. The games support many bet amounts, offering low and high rollers great selections that fit right into their budget. NetEnt slots are at the top of the list for millions of players and the company is going strong, always creating and releasing new games to enhance the gambling experience and extend the portfolio of games offered at each NetEnt casino.