Online Video Poker for Real Money

Online Video Poker for Real Money

Video poker is one of the most popular games that can be enjoyed at an online casino and with these games, players can enjoy a type of poker game where they do not have to compete with other players. Video poker is a simple game to learn and the goal is to create the best five card hand to receive payouts. The hands are all based on ranking poker hands. When playing real money video poker online, players will find some exceptional betting options and payouts available. Video poker is one of the best games to play in any casino setting as it offers the best odds to the player. One will have better chances at receiving a payout from this game over any other in a casino, which is why so many sites offer multiple games for players.

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Online video poker provides the same level of excitement as a machine found in a land based casino. The games are all controlled by random number generators, which are responsible for the dealing of the different cards each hand. However, by suing basic video poker strategies, players can drastically increase their chances of collecting real money payouts. The games that are features online are well designed and visually appealing, making players feel like they are playing the game in their favourite land casino. While enjoying this casino classic game from home, it is possible to collect some massive rewards and even have the chance to win a progressive jackpot from some game variations that are offered online.

Variations of Real Money Video Poker

Real money video poker games come in different variations, each offering a level of excitement and different chances to win. Most of the game variations are all based on a Jacks or Better game and the main difference will be in the pay tables. Some games will offer payouts for specific hand combinations. When choosing a video poker variation, players need to pay attention to these payouts so they know when they can expect a payout. When games make use of wilds or Jokers, the payouts will start at a different level. Many players have already enjoyed a game or two of Jacks or Better, so these great variations add a slight twist and offer something new and exciting to players.

Some of the variations that players will encounter when playing real money video poker include Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, Bonus Video Poker, Jokers Wild and Double Bonus Poker. While this is by no means a complete list, these are some of the popular variations that are enjoyed for real money play.

To enhance the video poker gambling experience, the top software provider in the industry have introduces multi-hand games. Many of the game variations are now available for multi-hand play, which can allow players to choose to play between 1 and 100 hands of the game at the same time. With these games, a separate wager will have to be placed on each hand that is in play. Multi-hand video poker games offer the greatest level of excitement and provide awesome chances at winning multiple payouts.

Video Poker Jackpot Games

For those that love the game of video poker and are looking for even more payouts and better winning opportunities, there are some games that feature a progressive jackpot in addition to the standard payouts of the game. Most players will associate progressive jackpots with slot games, but there are some great video poker selections from top notch providers that also feature these amazing jackpots.

Playtech and Microgaming online casinos offer progressive video poker games and these are among the most popular. In an online casino that is using Microgaming software, the game titles ate Jackpot Deuces and SupaJax and in Playtech sites, they are Jacks or Better and Mega Jacks. All of these games have specific hands that must be formed to collect the progressive payout. In addition, the jackpots can only be won by players who are placing a maximum bet on the game. This is usually a five coin bet in whatever coin denomination has been selected.

Progressive video poker games add another layer of excitement and offer the chance to collect some amazing payouts from a single hand of the game. However, these jackpots are not easy to win, but the games will still all offer base game payouts per the pay table that is listed. Players just need to keep in mind that playing for a progressive will cost more over time as the increased wager is required on these machines.

Video Poker Strategy Play

To be the best player at video poker and to achieve payouts on a regular basis, it is important to know the basic video poker strategies. There are many charts that are available online that will tell player exactly how to play their hand for the best chances at creating a winning hand. Whenever possible, real money players shod reference these charts and make their game decisions accordingly. These strategies will not guarantee that players will win, but they will reduce risks and increase possibilities of creating a nice hand for real money payouts.

Over time, some players may develop their own strategies when playing video poker. This is very common for experienced players, but those that are just starting to enjoy these real money games will be best to stick to the basic strategies mentioned. By using any strategy when playing video poker, player odds can be increased and some handsome rewards can be collected.

Video poker remains one of the top played games for real money players and the game can easily be found at all online casinos. The variations will differ, but most sites will have a few games to offer in the online casino as well as on their mobile platforms. For the best possible payouts, always try to choose a 9/6 video poker game, offering a 9 coin payout for a full house and a 6 coin payout on a flush.